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SHIP Pending Payment info within Payment History Page

With this project we have the opportunity to improve the payment functionality, user interface and provide our insured’s with a more intuitive online payment experience. We are proposing the following to ensure the payment process is clear and succinct and our insureds don’t feel the frustration of making an overpayment.

  1. Enhance the Payment History page to add a new “Pending” status so the insured member is aware that the payment is in pending status and is being processed.
  2. The Payment “Pending” status should update in real time.
  3. Once the payment is processed and clears the bank the “Pending” status should update to a “Paid” status.
  4. Update “Paid Through Date” and “Payment Due Date”
  5. If the payment does not process and clear then a subsequent process will need to be developed to notify the insured (TBD).

Please note, majority of the work would be done through COMPAS.

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  • Aug 9 2017
Priority Important
Estimated Cost ($ Dollars) $50,000
Business Problem

Sometimes, EFT one time payments may take up to six days before funds are taken from the member's bank account. This is causing members of submitting double payment which then increases call volume, refund processing and a decrease customer experience.

Business Value

By enhancing our payment page, we'll reduce call volume and refund processing and lead to a better customer experience. It also drives self-service through the member portal.

Business Risk

Members will continue to be confused and frustrated which could decrease retention rates and NPS scores.

Date Required By 2018-02-15
Who would be willing to pay for it? Insurance Solutions
Regulatory No
Regulatory Date
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