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My Health Assistant Full Launch

This initiative is to launch a voice-controlled digital assistant within H4Me.  This digital assistant will be designed to quickly answer questions about benefits and remind members about healthy behaviors. 

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  • Aug 3 2017
Priority Critical
Estimated Cost ($ Dollars)
Business Problem

This concept is being presented at the Investors Conference (11/27/17 & 11/28/17) the expectation is that a full launch will follow.  Resources are needed to advise what it will entail to launch this initiative post demo at the Investors Conference.

Business Value

This initiative will increase NPS.  Additionally, it will demonstrate UHG as a leading innovator in the market. 

Business Risk

We run the risk of having a strong showing at Investor Conference but failure to launch within the market. 

Date Required By 2017-08-03
Who would be willing to pay for it?
Regulatory No
Regulatory Date
Client Commitment Comments

This concept has been presented to Jim Cronin who has requested that we move quickly to move this concept to fruition. 

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