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DiME Microsite - Ingesting Content into the member portal (Phase 3)

Instead of having our members leave the member portal, we would like to incorporate some information available through the DiME microsite on the member portal through ingesting that content.

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  • Aug 9 2017
Priority Important
Estimated Cost ($ Dollars) $250,000
Business Problem

We want to make Med Supp Members more aware of the value added services that are available to them through the member portal and make it easier for them to obtain this customized information.

Business Value

Increase customer satisfaction and NPS score

Increase participation in the DiME program

Business Risk

By not doing this, it will be more difficult for members to know and understand the services they have through their med sup plan.

Date Required By 2018-04-20
Who would be willing to pay for it? Insurance Solutions
Regulatory No
Regulatory Date
Client Commitment Comments

There is an ASI commitment to promote and enhance our DiME initiative.

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