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Revise the email copy on the email that is sent to a member that chooses to create a directory and email it

Here is the current text of the email that is sent to members upon creating an online directory:

Thanks for creating a customized provider directory!

You can view your directory anytime at https://connect.werally.com/rest/directory/v1/export/08d82ceb-b8c9-4eb0-abc1-6020c439e8b5

Please note that your directory is in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader to access, print, or save it. You can get the latest version of Adobe at https://get.adobe.com/reade r/.

Keep taking good care of yourself!

-- Your friends at Rallyhttps://u71402.ct.sendgrid.net/wf/open?upn=jmhDxcaxa3uq2rlI6BgFHRK-2FxUa3d0jF57x0DG5WwN3B2n0cAJ-2FYPzQRKU0B8aKhC-2F7YdY6iP8UGf9blELiFEtNS0E3TomeQ6iCStOOKFfug-2BqHX6eOybiSDpLQdT8hkXPS4El2AMnazx2ziGuvtMXvlEy8pT7WN-2FvL2-2BanIe-2FHPzZ4C773KXLJnSKGcy4GYvqyXeGqtLTFOF-2FHGynUZTQpvqiXCVYClAz6oKXY6qjUuFDy9ejLLndSdR1xfaL8OXrYlSUsq6ecfYAXKCQFSQSsvcURZ1H34R4RTosCzNuQ-3D




Here is the new proposed text for the email being sent to members:

[Subject: Important plan information: Here’s the Provider Directory you asked for]


View this email as a webpage with images.

Your Provider Directory is ready.




Thank you for choosing a paperless Provider Directory


Dear <First Name>,


We’re writing to let you know the Provider Directory you requested is ready to view.



You’ll need Adobe Reader on your computer to view, print, or save your directory. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can get it at get.adbobe.com


If you have any questions, please call the toll-free Customer Service number on the back of your member ID card.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.



The UnitedHealthcare Team

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  • Jul 28 2017
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Provider Search tool outputs needs to promote UHC not Rally

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The current email comes from the Rally Team.  Our member's don't know what Rally is and therefore may think this email is junk mail

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