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Exchange Marketplace support for 2018

UPDATE 08/14/17: I have updated the attached file - I did not change the dates in the explanation section at the top of the file to reflect this is for the 2018 Exchange support.

Also I received some input from Becky Hoeppner late Friday (she is the Marketing person) with critical dates:

From my POV, big question is can we use the same URLs as last year for NY, MD SHOP and DC SHOP. (note: multiple networks in DC again)

                I’d like to verify we can get verify and/or get the new URLs by 9/15 – possible?

                I will need screen shot of new NY state page with 17 and 18 option by 9/10

                **All changes and new directory data should be LIVE by 10/1 if not possibly sooner** - reason is to support pre-shopping

Even though we are down to one Individual Exchange in NY and two SHOP exchanges in DC and MD - we still need to support the Open Enrollment experience and on-going experience in the marketplace.

We also need to remove the SHOP states that were not offered in 2017 - but needed to be supported for directories through 2017.

I have attached a file with what needs to be done - please let me know if you need anymore information.

Individual Open Enrollment begins 11/1/2017.  BUT NY allows members to 'shop' earlier - not sure of the date

SHOP Open Enrollment for 2018 is at point of renewal

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  • Aug 11 2017
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Priority Critical
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standard on-going annual support of the Exchange Marketplace

Business Value
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Date Required By 2017-09-22
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